Even as a child, Cheryl Dutro had an eye for design.  Compulsively arranging and rearranging not only her own bedroom, but also every other room in her parent's house was the FIRST clue to her future passion!  Coercing her father to paint, paint and repaint her bedroom was the second.  First pink, then lavender, then minty green, the palette was endless.  Well, endless until her father flatly refused when presented with the dark emerald green paint she presented to him as her 'new' favorite color. Did that stop her? No, she merely took matters into her own hands and painted the room herself.

     As she married and set up her first home she continued to revel in her love of color and delighted in surrounding her growing family with vibrant hues and unique room settings.  Friends and family often asked for assistance in designing their own interiors after experiencing each of the changes that Cheryl brought into her own home. 

     She and her husband Don remodeled two of their homes, and Cheryl was both contractor and designer for kitchens, baths and everything in between.  When it came time to sell, each of these homes was so effectively staged and decorated by Cheryl that the sales price set a new record high for the neighborhood.

     In the meantime, Cheryl and her husband bought a small struggling hair salon and in a few years grew it into one of the top five salons in Oregon. The best part of that experience for Cheryl was discovering that she enjoyed working with people.  She also got to indulge in her favorite past time when it came time to give the salon a new look.   Working with a graphic artist Cheryl helped to create a unique hi-tech/ Hollywood glam look in the salon and that experience helped her to make the decision that it was time to take her decorating passion to the next level. After graduating from The Heritage School of Interior Design in Beaverton it was only natural for her to combine her passion for decorating with her desire to help others by launching a successful new career in Interior Design. 

    Cheryl loves to spend time with, and especially cook for her family which now includes a beautiful new granddaughter!  She lives in Beaverton with her husband and their bulldog Lucy. 


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