Whether it’s new color for your walls or a whole new look for your room, I can help you to create a wonderful space that you will love to come home to.  Below are the services provided by Rooms With A View.


Room Re-Design/Staging

Room redesign is a wonderful ‘environmentally friendly’ way to get an updated new look without spending money for new purchases. Whether you have lived in your home for a while and you desperately want a fresh new look, or you have just moved into a new space and you need help doing something new with your ‘old’ things I can help!  After a consultation and a look at your space, I will come up with a plan and you will be amazed at how wonderful your furnishings and accessories can look after I’ve gotten hold of them!  Whether you want help with one room or your entire home, for a modest investment you can have an entirely new look.

Staging is a very necessary investment when you are going to put your home on the market.  It is a proven fact that when a home is well staged, not only does it sell more quickly but it will also sell for more money than a similar ‘non-staged’ home in the same neighborhood.  Staging involves a consultation and an in depth look at your home.  Removing personal items and creating a ‘neutral’ palette and an uncluttered space is key so that a potential buyer can visualize their own belongings in your home. It is sometimes difficult to convince a homeowner that they need to pack up all those personal photos and knick knack’s, but look at it this way- it leaves less to be packed when you move! Many realtors will even kick in for the costs of staging because they know how well it works!

Color Consultations

Sometimes all that is needed to make your home have that special something is a new color palette for your walls.  Nothing perks up a space like fresh, updated paint and this is one of my favorite things to do for my clients.  For the price of a consultation, I will come and together we will choose a beautiful new palette to set off your furnishings and showcase your accessories. Environmentally friendly low VOC. paint is available in an array of lovely colors, ask for them specifically if this is an important issue for you. 

New Furnishings/Accessories 

You need a new sofa. Unfortunately you are both over and underwhelmed when you reach the furniture store.  The store has a limited number of styles and fabrics to offer AND you’ve seen it all before, probably in your best friend’s living room! Time to call your Interior Designer!  I not only have access to “Trade Only” furnishings, fabrics and accessories but I also know what will work in YOUR home because I’ve been there, taken measurements, and know the decor of your space..  I will give you a look that can’t be ‘shopped’ because the fabric and furniture will be chosen from literally thousands of choices, specifically with your taste and your home in mind. 

Not sure what to put on that mantel or your bookcase is a jumbled mess? Accessories are a fun, major part of any decorating plan. If you are in need of a few new pieces or you want to redo a space with all new accessories I can help.  Placement and selection of these important elements are crucial for a cohesive look and it is one of the most enjoyable facets of Interior Design.

The Whole Shebang!

If you find yourself needing major design assistance in doing an entire room from top to bottom, I’m more than happy to help! With my access to “Trade Only” resources I can put together a cohesive, beautiful room from the floor up.

My Special Area of Interest

Any work with design involved is my favorite thing!  However, I do have a special affection for doing nurseries and children’s rooms.  If I were ever to specialize, this would be it for me!  Knowing how important a child’s environment is for their development and growth, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE designing rooms to meet the needs of the little ones. Whether it is a ‘pretty in pink’ nursery, a cowboy dude ranch, a retro mix, contemporary, traditional or funky look or anything in between, I can put it together in a lovely, fun or playful way that will thrill any parent and delight any child. And with a Rooms With A View Gift Certificate, a prospective grandparent can give a wonderful gift to their grandchild.  Call for more information.  


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